Oktoberfest Hair Goals

Check out our top 7 #hairgoals for Oktoberfest Parklands 2018!

The Flower child

If your hair is too short or you just can’t be bothered to braid, flowers are the best way to fit in this Oktoberfest. You can decorate your hair subtly with a few flowers or go all out with a fully fledged flower crown.

Fishtail Pig Tails

This cute and playful hairstyle is one of the most traditional and common Oktoberfest hairstyles. Originating in the 17th century, show that you’re a modern, fun gal with Oktoberfest know-how.

Fishtail Side Braid

If you think you look too young with pigtails, then the side braid is for you. It’s a pretty similar style to the doubles but with all your hair sitting to one side. 

Braid Crown

Be treated like Oktoberfest royalty by creating your own personal hair crown. While sipping on a bier this hair style will make you look like an absolute professional.

Full French Braid Crown

This hairstyle is no joke. I honestly don’t really know how she’s done this but if you can figure out how to pull this off then I commend you highly.

Braid Halo

Think Braid Crown except Game of Thrones. This style uses your front hairline to give you that “I’m here to celebrate Oktoberfest but don’t get on my bad side’ look.

Dutch Braid with Tight Bun

If you have the braiding expertise then you can run with this elegant and classy braided bun. Show you don’t joke around when it comes to Oktoberfest and add a cute ribbon or colourful flower to top it off.