One of the most exciting things about exploring different cultures is food and there is nothing more mouthwatering than German food! Luckily at Oktoberfest Parklands there is a juicy array grub to satisfy your cravings.

2 Smoking barrels will be your go to for your meaty needs. They will be rolling out scrumptious pork and brisket rolls to fill your belly. If you’re not into burgers there are also Souther Fried Chicken Sandwiches and an amazing BBQ plate with brisket, pork and everything you could ask for!

If you are looking for something more traditional, Volkswurst and Berlin Bangers will both be serving up classic Bratwurst and Kransky. Volkwurst will be dishing up classic German sausage rolls, topped of with fresh sauerkraut to bring Munich to life in your mouth. Berlin Bangers are masters of the meat, with a unique 1.5m Bratwurst that you’ve got to try once in your lifetime!

There are 3 times more roast chickens consumed than Bratwurst every year  at Oktoberfest Munich. So Rolling Schnitzel knows what’s up and are here to deliver you some juicy chicken schnitzel rolls and wraps, not to mention, the most stacked loaded fried you’ll ever set your eyes on.

Our local heroes Zierholz and Jacko’s Pizza will also be there, bringing our unique Canberra taste to Oktoberfest. Zierholz will have freshly made soft pretzels as a nice snack in-between drinks. Jacko’s Pizza will be serving up his well known pizza’s to give you a little reminder you’re still in Oktoberfest Parklands and not Munich.


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