Everyone can dress up in a lederhosen or dirndl to look German for Oktoberfest but why stop there? If you learn a couple of German words and phrases you can be the real deal! Here is a list of our must-know phrases to get you through Oktoberfest Parklands Canberra.

Prost! (Pr-OH-st) – Cheers!

“Prost” will be your most spoken word at Oktoberfest! After the keg is tapped to start the day, you should celebrate your first drink with a big “Prost!” which is German for “Cheers!”. You should also be ‘cheers-ing’ for every round… or you know, even every sip.

Servus (Serve-oos) – Hello!

This is the traditional Bavarian greeting for basically saying “Hello!”. Some other greetings you can use is “Guten Tag” (Good day!) or Hallo (just hello… again).

Tschüß (Choo-ssss) – Bye!

Thanks to phonetic spelling we actually know how to pronounce this German phrase! Make sure you say “Choo-ssss” to your friends before you run away and get lost in the beer hall.

Danke (Dahn-keh) – Thanks!

It’s always polite to say “Danke” to the people that serve you beer and food at Oktoberfest Parklands. Just think of how nice and German we will all look if everyone is thanking everyone all day!

Bitte (Bit-uh) – Please + you’re welcome + here you go + pardon?

“Bitte” is the most versatile word you will be using at Oktoberfest. Pretty much if you say this in any situation it will work. “Bitte” can mean “please”, “you’re welcome”, “here you go” and even “pardon?”.

Ist hier noch frei?  (Iss-t here knock fry) – Is this spot free?

These longer phrases are a bit harder to memorise however if you can use these in conversation no one will question you. “Ist hier noch frei?” means “is this spot free?” which you will definitely need if you’re trying to find a table in the beer hall.

Entschuldigung (En-shoe-lih-gung) – Excuse me

“Enstchuldigung” is definitely a long way to say “excuse me” however I think you will always be excused if you can blurt this out politely.

Eine Maß, bitte (eye-nuh Mass bit-uh) – A beer, please.

“Eine Maß, bitte” will be extremely helpful to ask for another beer, especially if you’ve booked a Beer Kellner for the day!

Noch ein Bier, bitte (Knock eye-n beer, bit-uh) – Another beer, please.

After asking for a beer in German, you can hit them with “Noch ein Bier, bitte” for another! You’ll be knocking back beers like a pro with this phrase.