Explore our food truck village where you’ll find mouth-watering German delights to feast upon!
Zierholz: Although it’s the finest local European brewer around, Zierholz also does some mean German fare, including spit roast pork rolls, authentic pretzels and the oh-so-delicious apfel strudel.
Berlin Bangers: Working with their master German butcher, they’ve carefully crafted the finest sausage in our land!


Volkswurst: Volkswurst have set out to bring an experience and top quality authentic German food to the streets of Australia, specialising in authentic German sausages cooked and served from an authentic German Kombi.
2 Smoking Barrels: Not quite German, but delicious nonetheless! 2 Smoking Barrels is an American BBQ joint in Wollongong, travelling down to Canberra just for our Oktoberfest freunde.
Rolling Schnitzel: Rolling Schnitzel is a cook to order gourmet schnitzel food truck with wraps, burgers and snack packs.


One of the most important (and traditional) attractions of Oktoberfest Parklands is the liquid gold. Embracing the spirit of Munich, we’re bringing the beer hall experience direct to Canberra. From the hand-selected range of the very best German (and a few non-German) beers to the brass and Oompah and the long tables, the friendships and festivities, it’s time to embrace your inner-German!

Plus, we’ve lined up the best local European brewer around, Zierholz!