It wasn’t originally a beer festival 

The first Oktoberfest was held when the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on the 12th of October 1810. 

It starts in September 

While the original celebration was on the 12th of October, the festivities now commence in September. This year Oktoberfest runs from the 22nd of September to the 7th of October in Germany. 

Wait for the Mayor! 

No one is allowed to drink at the start of the festival until the Mayor says “O’ zapft is’!” which means “It’s tapped!”. 

6.8 million litres of beer drunk 

On average, 6.8 million litres of beer is drunk every year. The record for most beer drunk at Oktoberfest Munich was set in 2011 with 7.5 million litres consumed.

6 million people attend

With all that beer drunk you’d hope it’s shared between a few people. Over 6 million people on average attend Oktoberfest in Munich every year with the biggest beer tent housing 11,000 people. 

There is a wine tent!

Although Oktoberfest is beer, beer and more beer! There is also Weinzelt – a tent with 15 types of wine as well as different sparklings and champagnes. 

All day celebrations 

Oktoberfest opens around 9:00am every day during the festivities and close as late as midnight!

Locals keeping it local 

Although there are millions of attendees every year, only about 20% of people are from outside of Germany. 

Oktoberfest has been cancelled 24 times 

Over 200 years of Oktoberfest festivities, it has only been cancelled 24 times. This was mainly due to war or cholera epidemics.

Albert Einstein worked at Oktoberfest  

The esteemed Albert Einstein was once a trainee in his uncle’s electrical company. One of the beer tents at Oktoberfest in 1896 wanted to be the first with lighting and employed the company along with Albert Einstein to work on the tent. 

The record for most steins carried is 24! 

Oliver Struempfel holds the Guinness World record for most steins carried (male) with 24 steins! Anita Shwarz holds the World record for most steins carried (female) with 19 steins! Each full stein is on average 2.2kg, and record attempters must carry their steins for 40 metres without spilling any beer! 

The best table service 

Waitresses at Oktoberfest must be able to carry 10 steins at once. Pretty impressive skill to have around the house. 

Food, food and more food! 

While there is a lot of beer to go around, there is enough food to soak it all up. Oktoberfest Munich has over 140 food stalls and restaurants. 

Bratwurst isn’t the most popular food? 

While traditional pork sausages are popular at Oktoberfest, there is 4 times more roast chicken consumed every year.

Adidas x Oktoberfest 

Adidas created a pair of DPBR (Durable Puke and Beer Repellent) shoes especially for Oktoberfest. They don traditional Oktoberfest colours with PROST stitched into the side. 

Paris Hilton is banned from Oktoberfest 

In 2006 Paris Hilton wore a Dirndl which was promoting a regional (not from Munich) canned wine. Oktoberfest celebrates and sells beers only brewed within Munich so this was an offence to Oktoberfest traditions and Paris Hilton was subsequently banned. 

Steins as Souvenirs 

Every year, over hundreds of thousands of steins are recovered. People try to take steins home as souvenirs however the steins are actually the property of the beer tent owners and operators. Luckily at Oktoberfest Parklands you can take your stein home! 

Family friendly festival 

Despite all the beer, hundreds of kids attend Oktoberfest. There are rollercoasters, Ferris wheels and other carnival rides for everyone to enjoy. 

You lost what? 

There are over 5,000 lost items given in to the lost and found every Oktoberfest. Aside from the usual phone and wallet, wheelchairs, dentures, baby carriages and dogs have all been known to end up there.

Wish you were here! 

Oktoberfest has it’s very own pop-up post office and approximately 130,000 post cards and letters are sent from there every year.